Makeup Tips for Fine Lines

Makeup Tips for Fine Lines

Aging is an inevitable process that also brings signs of maturity, including wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. However, finding ways to cover them up with makeup can relieve those struggling with visible signs of aging. While many women opt for concealing their wrinkles with makeup, knowing the proper techniques is essential to ensure that your efforts are not in vain. If your makeup is not helping you achieve the desired result, it's time to switch things up. Following a few easy tips and tricks can make your wrinkles and fine lines less noticeable, giving you a much-needed boost of confidence!

Step Up Your Game with These Makeup Tips for Fine Line

1. Hydrate Your skin


Keeping your skin hydrated and nourished is critical to achieving a flawless makeup look. Dry and dull skin can accentuate wrinkles, making them much more noticeable. To combat this, remember to drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin from the inside out. In addition, make sure to apply a quality moisturizer after washing your face and before applying your makeup. Moisturizing will help ensure that your skin is well-hydrated and nourished, allowing your makeup to glide on smoothly and helping to hide any wrinkles.

Microcrystal Patch by Contours Rx 

Try this revolutionary product by Contours Rx that helps increase collagen production, treat wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, and hydrate your skin at home. Each patch is made of Hyaluronic Acid and HexaPeptides and contains more than 300 needle-like crystals that penetrate your skin, delivering these active ingredients to the dermal layer. These patches work gently on your skin as the ingredients dissolve and treat your wrinkles while you sleep.

 2. Hide Creases Around and Above the Eyes

Crow’s feet or laugh lines are wrinkles or fine lines appearing on the side of your eyes. While these are common problems related to aging, a more pressing issue for most people is the hooded eyes.

Hooded eyelids occur when the skin on your upper eyelid droops over your lash line, appearing like a hood. This common condition can make it challenging to apply makeup correctly and can leave you looking tired or older than you are. But with the right tips and tricks, you can learn to work with your hooded eyes and look your best!

LIDS BY DESIGN Eyelid Tape by Contours Rx

Often people with hooded eyelids undergo eyelid surgeries or inject Botox to eliminate the tired or aging look accompanying such eyes. However, most patients are turning towards non-surgical, instant, and safe remedies like Eyelid tape because of its advantages over other solutions. Eyelid tape offers instant eye lift without side effects like irritated eyes, bruising or pain at the injection site, the fear of botulinum toxin spreading to other body parts, etc. Not to mention, eyelid tapes are way more affordable than surgeries or Botox.    

One of the best correcting strips or eyelid tapes on the market is Contours Rx – LIDS BY DESIGN. It's a patented design, lab tested in the U.S., and guaranteed to be safe for the eyes. It transforms the shape of your eyes within seconds and gives you a youthful appearance for an entire day.

But how do you apply makeup over eyelid tape? If you wear or are planning to wear eyelid tape, you would know that applying eye makeup over eyelid tape is challenging since it makes the tape more prominent. But not when you are using LIDS BY DESIGN! This correcting strip bonds with your skin and becomes invisible, giving you a natural-looking, youthful appearance

Steps to apply makeup on hooded eyelids with eyelid tapes:

Step 1: Use B5 Prep Pads before LIDS BY DESIGN

Contours Rx offers B5 Prep Pads that gently exfoliate and clean the eyelids, preparing them for LIDS BY DESIGN. These pads have Restorative B5 acid and are safe for daily use. Using these pads before applying the correcting strips is advisable to get optimum transparency and flawless eye makeup.

Step 2: Wear LIDS BY DESIGN – Eyelid Tape

After removing oil, dirt, and dead skin cells from eyelids using B5 prep pads, apply LIDS BY DESIGN on the skin that is folding over. Press and hold the correcting strips allowing them to bond with the skin. Once bonded, it will give you an instant eye lift and make you look rejuvenated and more awake. Now your eyes are ready for some color.

3. Create a Smooth Canvas

With so much emphasis on caring for our skin, it's easy to focus on the major areas like the cheeks, chin, and forehead and forget about our delicate under-eye area. It's no secret that dark circles, eye bags, and saggy under eyes are common features of mature skin. After carefully prepping up your face, remember to give extra attention to your under-eyes. A nourishing primer can work wonders to prevent these skin sorrows from creeping up through your makeup. With the right products and a little extra care, your under-eyes can look bright and rejuvenated, completing your flawless beauty look.

COLORSET All-In-One Pencil by Contours Rx

This revolutionary product does nothing less than magic as it allows you to brighten, highlight, smoothen, and contour your eyes, in addition to concealing under-eye darkness. Apply this over your eyes to diminish uneven skin tones and create a smooth canvas for your eyeshadow to pop and stay throughout the day.

Made of coco-glycerides, COLORSET All-In-One Pencil glides smoothly over the skin and spreads easily, even over LIDS BY DESIGN. Most primers have mineral oils, and oil and adhesive do not work well together. That’s where COLORSET makes a difference. It effectively conceals the eyelid tape without disrupting the adhesive. You can use a makeup sponge to blend it to perfection.

Even after hours of application, this skin conditioning formula won't dry out or make your skin too oily or dry. You can use it as a primer, brightener, or highlighter and ditch the eyeshadow altogether. And it will still give you younger-looking eyes.

4. Prepare Flawless Skin for your Eyeshadow

Wearing makeup over eyelid tapes can be challenging as it can make the tape more prominent and spoil your look. Preparing your skin before applying shadows is essential to conceal the eyelid tape and allow the shadow for a long time.


Once you have smoothened the eyelid surface and created a fresh canvas for your eye makeup, apply TRANSFORMING SHADOW BASE to let the pigments in your shadow shine. It depends on your preference to use the COLORSET and/or the TRANSFORMING SHADOW BASE. Both the COLORSET pencil and the shadow base allow you to conceal the eyelid tape and extend the shadow for longer wear. However, the principal function of a primer is to prevent creasing or fading, while the shadow base intensifies the shadow pigments for a sharp look.

The Transforming Shadow Base not only maximizes shadow pigments for truer colors but also ensures that the shadow stays on longer than any other product available. However, the true differentiating feature of the shadow base lies in its ability to work with the LIDS BY DESIGN cosmetic strips or eyelid tapes.

Application is as easy as it gets - once you put LIDS BY DESIGN in position, apply the shadow base over the correcting strip and areas where shadows will be used. Let it dry, and dab or brush your favorite shadow as usual.

5. Give Your Eyes a Dramatic Look

For most, makeup isn’t complete without dramatic, long lashes. Longer and thicker lashes give you a dreamy look, which is the objective of any eye makeup.


Contours Rx gives you the Botanical Lash - a lash-enhancing serum developed and recommended by ophthalmologists. It is one of the safest and most effective eyelash-enhancing serums on the market today, with clinical studies showing a 66% improvement after 6 weeks of use. After the application for just 2 weeks, this EYELASH ENHANCING SERUM offers a 25% improvement to its users.

Applying the Botanical Lash is quick and easy.

  • Apply the serum in a single stroke just above your upper lash line.
  • Apply it to the skin closest to the lash line so it can penetrate the roots of the lashes. Be careful not to use it on the lashes.
  • For the serum to be most effective, Contours Rx recommends using it 1-2 times a day and allowing it to dry for a minute or two.
  • This paraben-free, certified organic product is best used at night for longer, thicker lashes.

6. Care for the Neck

The delicate skin on your neck can give away your age no matter how flawlessly you've applied the makeup. It's not enough to stop at your jawline; you'll need to extend your makeup further to hide those stubborn lines. But concealing the lines on the neck is easier said than done.

NECK RESCUE by Contours Rx

Using innovative, skin-like technology, this correcting strip becomes invisible upon contact with the skin. It instantly improves the appearance of your neck by tightening the skin, enhancing your jawline, and smoothing out any loose or crepe-like skin that may be prematurely aging you.

With the safest and few of the most effective products from Contours Rx, you can achieve professional-looking makeup while sitting at home. Hiding fine lines with makeup has never been so easy. Now you can have a youthful and bright appearance within minutes. All the products by Contours Rx are skin friendly and complement different skin tones. If you are still wondering why to choose Contours Rx, visit about Contours Rx and hear for yourself. Follow the above makeup tips for fine lines, and prepare for a wonderful day!

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