Neck Rescue Non-Surgical Beauty Strip
Neck Rescue Non-Surgical Beauty Strip
Neck Rescue Non-Surgical Beauty Strip
Neck Rescue Non-Surgical Beauty Strip

Neck Rescue Non-Surgical Beauty Strip

1.4 oz

Neck Rescue by Contours Rx is a non-surgical beauty strip that visibly tightens, lifts, and firms the neck instantly for a more youthful profile. Designed for the way you live, Neck Rescue is the perfect instant youthful look for everyday use and that special occasion.

$25.00 $40.00

Super Impressed!!

I would always wear my hair down covering my turkey neck. Now I don't need to!!! I love this product!!! I feel years younger!!

— Nadene A

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  • Tighten. Improve. Rejuvenate
  • Results you can see instantly
  • Smooths the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the neck
  • Reduce the appearance of crepe skin
  • Each package contains 30 Neck Rescue beauty strips

How to use


Simply apply the strip to the back of the neck and pinch the skin for the desired look. If the Neck Rescue cosmetic strip is too long for the size and shape of your neck, you can simply trim the length of each beauty strip to achieve your desired results.

To remove, use your fingertips to gently peel off and discard. You may want to use oil or soap to assist with releasing the strip from the skin.

Neck Rescue Non-Surgical Beauty Strip

Neck Rescue Non-Surgical Beauty Strip

$25.00 $40.00

Top FAQs

Is NECK RESCUE safe to use?

Yes! The medical grade correcting strips have been dermatologist tested, are hypoallergenic, latex free, and use adhesive made from organic materials.

Will NECK RESCUE last all day?

Yes! For the longest wear, apply the correcting strip to clean, dry skin – free of all oils, makeup or moisturizers. The adhesive, made with organic materials, is designed to last up to 24 hours. We recommend using our Hair Touchup Tool to remove any baby hairs or dead skin to prepare the skin for NECK RESCUE.

Can I wear NECK RESCUE everyday?

Although NECK RESCUE is latex-free, the adhesive is very strong and should be used only on a special occasion basis.

How many strips are in each package?

Each package contains 30 strips.

Can I reuse the strip?

Each NECK RESCUE correcting strip is intended for one time use only. The correcting strips may be reused to practice placement, but otherwise should be discarded once removed.

How soon will I see a difference in my appearance?

Results are immediate, and will last as long as you weart he correcting strip!

How do I remove NECK RESCUE?

The adhesive for NECK RESCUE is very strong as it is intended to last all day. We recommend using a mild soap or mineral oil to assist with removal by gently massaging the soap/oil underneath the strip with your finger to help break the bond. Please do not rip the strip off as you would with an adhesive bandage. This is a delicate area so use caution when removing.

NECK RESCUE is visible on the neck

NECK RESCUE is discreet, however the skin it is supporting may be more visible in the back of the neck. We suggest wearing a collar or scarf if you have shorter hair, or wearing your hair over this area!