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Customer Service FAQs

How do I determine the best size for me?

In general, the heavier your eyelid (excess skin), the larger the size you will need. However, eye shape may also be a factor in selecting the appropriate size. Please read our LIDS BY DESIGN product descriptions to choose your ideal lift and fit, or try our Assortment Pack (N° 4-N° 7) to try all options and discover your perfect size for every occasion!

How many strips come in one box?

Each LIDS BY DESIGN box includes 80 correcting strips (over a month’s supply) and a pair of applicator tweezers, plus a few strips to practice with.

We recommend our Precision Tweezers to peel and place LIDS BY DESIGN onto the eyelids.

Are LIDS BY DESIGN strips reusable?

Each LIDS BY DESIGN correcting strip is intended for one-time use only. The correcting strips may be reused to practice placement, but otherwise should be discarded once removed. If you need to reposition the strip, we offer our Extended Wear Adhesive for longer lasting wear.

Is LIDS BY DESIGN safe to use?

Yes! Our medical grade correcting strips are hypoallergenic, latex free, dermatologist tested, and use adhesive made from organic-based materials that do not leave any residue behind.

How do I properly apply LIDS BY DESIGN?

To apply LIDS BY DESIGN, simply prepare the eyelid by using our B5 Prep Pads to ensure the eyelid is clean. Identify where your eyelid is folding, carefully remove the strip from the applicator paper using tweezers (we recommend our Precision Tweezers), and place the strip across the identified fold

(Tip: lift any excess skin out of the way by lifting the brow so the strip can be placed on a smooth surface.)

Can make-up be worn with LIDS BY DESIGN?

Yes! For best results, our correcting strips should be applied to bare skin before any makeup, oils, or moisturizers. We recommend using our B5 Prep Pads to prepare the skin for LIDS BY DESIGN. We also recommend using our new Transforming Shadow Base over the eyelids once the strip is applied to create one smooth surface before applying your makeup.

How can I ensure LIDS BY DESIGN stays all day?

For the longest wear, apply the correcting strip to clean, dry eyelids – free of all oils, makeup, and moisturizers. When applied properly, the organic-based adhesive is designed to last up to 24 hours. We recommend using our B5 Prep Pads to prepare the skin for optimal LIDS BY DESIGN longevity. We also recommend using our new Extended Wear Adhesive for longer holds.

Why haven't I noticed a difference when using LIDS BY DESIGN?

If you did not notice a difference when using LIDS BY DESIGN, this may be an indication that the size you selected was too small for your eye or placed too low. We recommend experimenting with higher placement or try going up a size! We offer hassle free exchanges within 30 days or receipt.



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