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8 Ways to Get the Most from Your Primer Pencil

The last thing we ever want is to let a product we were so excited about just sit in a drawer. If you have a highlighter pencil, or our COLORSET Primer Pencil, there are a multitude of exciting uses that will ensure it never goes to waste!

1. Tidy Up Your Brows

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Give your brows a little boost in between clean ups. Just cover those strays using your pencil! 

2. Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles 

Soften those laugh lines and forehead wrinkles by drawing over them with your pencil.

3. Enhance the Pigment of Your Eyeshadows 

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Use COLORSET Primer Pencil before your shadows to enhance their pigment by up to 10x! Your shadows will be truer to their actual pallet color for ultimate makeup expression. 

4. Keep Your Lipstick from Bleeding/Fading

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Use your pencil trace the outer edges of your lips and blend to create a barrier for pesky lipsticks. You can also use COLORSET Primer Pencil to prime the lip before application to enhance color by up to 10x!

5. Seal Your LIDS BY DESIGN Strips for Makeup Application 

COLORSET Primer Pencil was specifically designed for use over LIDS BY DEISGN strips. It helps create one smooth surface from your eyelid and the correcting strips, so eyeshadows will adhere more evenly. 

6. Highlight the Eyes

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Use your pencil in the corners of the eyes and under the brow to accentuate your new eyelids (if you're using LIDS BY DESIGN).  

7. Hide Dark Circles 

You can use your pencil to help conceal dark circles. COLORSET works especially well to conceal and prime the undereye before you foundation. 

8. Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

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Use your pencil in the waterline to make the eyes appear more awake. If your highlighter pencil is not a lighter color that will match the eye, COLORSET Primer Pencil will match!