Why Choosing the Right Eyeshadow Base is So Important?

Why Choosing the Right Eyeshadow Base is So Important?

Eyes are the windows to the soul! Often we recognize people through their eyes. Beautiful, attractive eyes are always considered a feature unlikely to be ignored or forgotten.

If you are not born with the striking eyes you wish for; makeup can always do the trick for you. Eye makeup done correctly should bring out your eyes and complement your overall complexion.

However, mastering eye makeup is easier said than done. Choosing the right eyeshadow colors and base can be another daunting task for someone who is not a professional.

The eyeshadow base is essential for the shadow’s color to look more vibrant. It comes in a range of shades and helps you to manipulate the color of your shadow and get that stunning look. Although the base does not stop creasing or oils, it does offer a better holding power for your shadow color to last longer than a bare lid.

So here’s a guide for you to know why choosing the right eyeshadow base is important.

Reasons to Choose the Right Eyeshadow Base

  1. To Create that Memorable Look: The most popular way to use an eyeshadow base is underneath eyeshadow pigments. Eyeshadow base not only enhances the color and hold of eyeshadow shades but also even out your skin tone, neutralizes imperfections, minimizes fallout, and much more. By applying shadow base before eyeshadow application, you create a smooth canvas that allows eyeshadow colors to blend together seamlessly and pop. In addition, shadow base helps to extend the wear-time of your eyeshadow so that you can enjoy a flawless look all day long. With so many benefits, it's no wonder an eyeshadow base is a must-have for any makeup lover.
  2. Let the Base Shine Alone: Wearing an eyeshadow base alone is the easiest way to achieve a subtle, long-lasting wash of color. Applying shadow base is simple and only takes seconds. Just apply a small amount to the lid and blend outward. For best results, use a shadow brush or your fingertips to blend the eyeshadow base into your skin. You can also use a cotton swab to help ensure that the eyeshadow base is evenly applied.
  3. Amp Up Your Overall Look: Who says eyeshadow base is just for the eyes? We say get creative and use it to highlight other areas of your face for a radiant, glowing look. Shadow base comes in a range of colors and with both shimmer and matte finishes. Choose the right one for your desired effect and bring out the pop in your cheekbones, brow bones, and inner corners. Go for a skin-friendly brand and let it highlight and enhance the color of your blush.

How to apply eye makeup?

Choose the Right Eyeshadow Base

  1. Before applying makeup, cleanse your skin to get rid of any excess oil or lingering makeup. This step will ensure that you get the true color of the shadow to shine and achieve the desired look.
  2. Once your face is clean, apply a thin layer of shadow base onto your lids. To apply the eyeshadow base, use a brush or your finger to blend it into your eyelid, from your lash line to just above your crease. With an eyeshadow base, you'll get a richer, more vibrant color payoff, and your shadow will stay put all day long.
  3. Apply the eyeshadow shade of your choice. You can choose eyeshadow colors in a few different ways, but we believe that the best way is to base it on your eye color. You can select complementary shades that will make your eye color pop and stand out or monochromatic shades to go with your natural eye color and look lovely. Once you gain a hand in choosing the right eyeshadow colors, creating shadow combos should become easy for you.
  4. The next step is to line your lids to enhance or change the shape of your eyes and make your lashes look lush.
  5. Finish your eye makeup with mascara. Define your eyelashes with mascara and play with them to make your lashes look dark, thick, and long.

Contours Rx Transforming Shadow Base

Transforming Shadow Base maximizes shadow pigments

There are various options for shadow base on the market, but understanding the behavior of a base and choosing the right color to match your eye shadow can be tricky. So why not get one that will complement all eye shadow colors? Contours Rx has created the Transforming Shadow Base to enhance any eye shadow color you choose and give you that long-lasting look you crave but never quite achieve.

The Transforming Shadow Base maximizes shadow pigments for truer colors and ensures that the shadow stays much longer than the ones available on the market.

However, the true differentiating feature of the shadow base lies in its ability to work with the cosmetic strips or eyelid tapesLIDS BY DESIGN.

Apply the shadow base over the correcting strip

You no longer have to struggle with choosing between eyelid tapes and eye makeup to get a youthful, vibrant appearance. Applying makeup on top of eyelid tapes has always been challenging as the latter becomes more prominent on using eye shadow, but not anymore.

LIDS BY DESIGN blends with your skin, making it virtually invisible, and Transforming Shadow Base blends with your eyelid tape and helps the shadow color to pop and give you the desired dreamy look.

Also, applying Contours Rx shadow base over eyelid tape is easier than you think. First, place LIDS BY DESIGN eyelid tape on the eyelid and let it bond with your skin. Once in position, apply the shadow base over the correcting strip and areas on your lid where shadows will be applied. Let it dry, and apply your favorite shadow as usual. And you are ready to enjoy the day!

Visit https://contoursrx.com/collections/products/products/transforming-shadow-base/ and get the Transforming Shadow Base to have the eyes you desire.

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