The Safest Non-Invasive Solution to Re-contouring Your Upper Eyelid

The Safest Non-Invasive Solution to Re-contouring Your Upper Eyelid

Eyes are a prominent facial feature and the first thing people notice in us. Our eyes say a lot about our emotions, but heavy brows often give away the wrong impression. With age, brows get heavier as they drop below the eyebrow bone and give us a tired or angry look. Sometimes heavy brows are accompanied by sagging or heavy upper eyelids and wrinkled foreheads as our brows, forehead, and upper eyelids are all connected.

The eyebrow lift is gaining popularity because of this, especially among younger people who often opt out of a facelift.

Before we delve into solutions for fixing heavy brows, it is essential to understand the causes of heavy brows.

What Makes Your Brows Heavy?

Aging: The primary cause of a heavy brow is aging. Our body stops producing two proteins, collagen, and elastin, in as great quantities as we get older. As collagen and elastin level drops, our skin loses its elasticity and bounce, which creates sag.

Genetic Predisposition: Scientists have long discovered that eyebrows’ color, shape, and thickness are inherited traits. As such, eyebrow appearance has a strong relationship with your specific genetic makeup.

Exposure to Sun: Sun exposure is one of the biggest causes of damage to our skin’s collagen and elastin. Exposure to harmful radiation for prolonged periods results in the early development of wrinkles on the face and sagging skin.

What Are The Treatments To Fix Heavy Brows?

A brow lift treatment is specific to the patient as it depends on their medical history and the causes behind the heavy brows.

Invasive Treatment: A brow lift surgery, called browplasty or a forehead lift, often combined with eyelid surgery, can help patients appear youthful and rejuvenated.

However, this treatment is not suitable for patients with:

  • Heart conditions or problems related to the usage of anesthesia.
  • Genetic disposition towards a wrinkled forehead.
  • Tight facial skin as the procedure requires further stretching of the skin tissues and might leave scars.

Although not common, a surgical brow lift is known to carry the risk of permanent scarring, infections, and nerve paralysis—a few of the reasons why people worldwide are looking for non-surgical solutions.

Non-Invasive Treatment: Few common non-invasive treatments include dermal fillers, laser peel, and . As with browplasty, these non-invasive procedures are not for everyone, especially for patients with:

  • Bleeding disorders,
  • Heart disease, diabetes, muscle or nerve disorder,
  • And allergy to certain materials.

Invasive or non-invasive treatments mentioned above have a few common side effects like bruising, swelling, muscle weakness, etc. While laser therapy carries a greater risk of scarring and costs more than a one-time surgical brow lift, if not injected in appropriate quantity or at the right place, may lead to droopy eyelids or 'Joker eyebrows.' Moreover, the non-invasive treatments do not give a permanent solution to heavy brows and may last only for a few months.

How To Treat Heavy Brow Without Any Side Effects?

Complications related to invasive or non-invasive brow lift treatment become more prevalent with age and those with health issues. So it is only natural for people to choose solutions like correcting strips or eyelid tapes for lifting hooded eyelids. LIDS BY DESIGN is the perfect non-invasive solution to re-contour the upper eyelids and give you a naturally vibrant, youthful, and relaxed appearance. Not only does LIDS BY DESIGN lift the eyelids, but the strips themselves trigger a natural brow lift by stimulating a muscle in the back of the ocular cavity. This revolutionary instant correcting strip is the first of its kind to be available in medical offices and is recommended by cosmetic surgeons. LIDS BY DESIGN cosmetic strips are dermatologist-tested and are made with hypoallergenic and latex-free material to avoid any reaction with skin, making it the safest non-invasive brow lift solution.


There is no fear of scarring or any sign of undergoing treatment with the Contours Rx cosmetic strip as it blends with most skin tones and gives instant results by transforming the shape of your eyelid and giving a youthful look.

How Is LIDS BY DESIGN Different From Other Correcting Strips?

LIDS BY DESIGN is the only hypoallergenic cosmetic strip that is medical-grade and lab-tested in the U.S., making it suitable for people of any age, gender, or skin type. It lifts the excess skin on your eyes and helps in re-contouring your upper eyelid, giving you a rejuvenated appearance. It has helped millions of women and men suffering from droopy lids, excess skin layering on the lashes, impaired vision, Ptosis, Dermatochalasis, Blepharitis, etc.

In addition, LIDS BY DESIGN by Contours Rx comes in six different sizes giving you the freedom to choose the lift you would prefer based on your facial features. These cosmetic strips are safe and suitable for daily use, and once applied, it bonds with your skin and becomes translucent. Compared to other correcting strips available on the market that lasts for a maximum of 12 hours, LIDS BY DESIGN performs for an entire day, i.e., 24 hours, and it is safe to even sleep in them. Contours Rx’s patented design is a unique beauty enhancement technology that is comfortable, easy to use, and the safest non-surgical treatment for lifting the eyes