Published Monday Apr 02, 2018

Success of Empowering Others in Unexpected Ways

Success of Empowering Others in Unexpected Ways

What does it mean to feel empowered? To empower others? In the beauty industry, this can sometimes feel like an ironic objective. When Contours Rx got started, the primary goal of its products was to help clients who were looking for an alternative to surgery. As it turned out, it would become so much more than that. 

Like any new company, Contours Rx started sharing its products through event channels--medical spa openings, trade shows, etc. What Britain Todd found was that there was a much greater need for LIDS BY DESIGN than she had anticipated, serving many more functions than just aesthetic desire. Britain remembers one client in particular (made anonymous) who came to her tradeshow booth discussing an accident they had been in as a child, which left one of their eyes to drop much farther than the other, covering the pupil and impacting their vision. Since they had been a child when this ocurred, they had not experienced their eyes any other way and also said that surgeons would not touch the eye for fear of it collapsing further. Britain placed a 6mm strip on the dropping eyelid, and as this client saw themselves in the mirror, they began to tear up. For them, it was less about correcting the asymmetry of the accident than it was about seeing themselves as they had wanted to be seen for their entire life. It was about lifting the physical and metaphorical weight of that accident from the client's everyday exeprience, even if it was temporary. 

Stories like these became more and more common as Contours Rx grew. Pretty soon, LIDS BY DESIGN was being used to correct heavy asymmetries due to other conditions such as Bell's Palsy and strokes which left one side of the face heavier. Moving into the eyecare space, opthamologists found uses for correcting loss of peripheral vision caused by collapsing eyelids, which glasses could not correct. Clients who had undergone a blepharoplasty consultation with LIDS BY DESIGN felt more confident in their decision to get the surgery or not based on the experience of their appearance while using the strips. It seemed that LIDS BY DESIGN had far surpassed cosmetic expecations and was quickly becoming a tool for empowerment. Contours Rx was now responsible for continuing this work that had accidentally begun. 

Since 2014, Contours Rx has continued to work for and partner with locations to promote LIDS BY DESIGN as a tool for empowerment. From skilled nursing facilities to plastic surgeon's offices, lifting the weight of heavy eyelids has been so much more than a cosmetic journey, it has been one of accentuating the light that still lives within each of us and giving clients the confidence they deserve.