Main Causes of Sagging Eyelids & Treatment

Main Causes of Sagging Eyelids & Treatment

When you look in the mirror, do you notice sleepy-looking eyes? Maybe your upper eyelids sag a little or even cover your pupil. This could be ptosis, or a drooping of the eyelids. Sagging eyelids aren’t always just a cosmetic annoyance, sometimes ptosis can cause impaired vision. You may even have to tip your head back and lift your chin to see better or arch your eyebrows to lift your lids, creating premature wrinkles on the forehead. Over time, these compensatory movements can also affect your head and neck. So, how do we get ptosis and what can we do to fix it?



Sometimes we are born with ptosis, and you can even see it as early as infancy. If you notice that sagging eyelids run in your family, it is likely that you will see this in your own eyes if you haven’t already begun to notice.

Sleeping Face Down

If you wake up with pillow marks on your face, then it’s likely your eyelids are getting stretched in different directions at night. Side sleepers often notice an asymmetry of the eyelids, where the side they sleep on has the droopier eyelid.


As we age, we lose the ability to make collagen, which creates taught, firm skin. With the loss of collagen elasticity, we will naturally begin to see our skin sag in more areas than just our eyelids.

Lasik or Cataract Surgery

The eyelid is stretched during these procedures, which can also cause premature sagging.


Procedure-Focused Solutions

The most invasive and expensive option for getting rid of sagging eyelids is through a surgery called Blepharoplasty. This is a viable option but one should keep in mind that the eyelid will continue to fall with ongoing age. Another less invasive way to reduce the appearance of eyelid skin is through a Plasma Generator, used to lift the upper eyelid without cutting into the skin. Sometimes is also used above the brow bone to lift the eyelid area, which is temporary.

Instant Cosmetic Solutions

Sometimes, surgery or other expensive procedures don’t work for our lives and in that case there are instant, non-invasive solutions. LIDS BY DESIGN, a non-surgical eyelid correcting strip, instantly lifts the eyelid all day safely and effectively. This solutions offers an undetectable cosmetic option for those who want to see lifted eyelids in seconds.

Preventative Measures

Many of the causes of ptosis are preventable, such as getting enough collagen building vitamin C in the diet, staying out of the sun, and sleeping on your back. These simple adjustments to your life may end up saving you from the costs associated with premature aging. Alternatively, LIDS BY DESIGN can also be worn at night to prevent further sagging.