Hooded Eyelids - Causes of Hooded Eyes

Hooded Eyelids - Causes of Hooded Eyes

Eyes come in all shapes and sizes. Apart from eye shape, differences lie in the way the upper eyelid behaves. Some people have smooth eyelids that don’t have much creasing, but most people have excess skin that folds down over the eyelid so much it lays against the lash line. This is known as hooded eyelids, which are a common feature among people regardless of age.

While many start to see their eyelids become heavier with age, hooded eyelids can also be a genetic trait that has been with them most of their lives. In either case, aging of the skin does tend to produce heavier hooding as the skin becomes thinner over time. Hooded eyelids are not always a cosmetic concern but can also make it difficult to see!

Causes of hooded eyelids

Hooded eyelids are caused by different factors like aging, genetics, or underlying fat and muscle.

hooded vs non hooded eyes

Our skin tends to lose elasticity and begins to fall as we age, but the effect is more evident on the face, especially around the eyes. This leads to a noticeable droop around the eyes, appearing hooded.

Besides aging and hereditary traits, other factors that contribute to hooded eyelids include:

  • Fatty tissue deposits, causing the upper or lower eyelids to appear puffy
  • Muscle weakness that opens the eye, known as Ptosis
  • Excess skin around eyes causing wrinkles and bags under the eyes

Why do more people want to treat or lift hooded eyelids?

Women and men are increasingly looking for solutions to hooded eyelids because they feel their hooded eyes make them look tired and aged. Most people have gotten frustrated with makeup applications and have realized they are difficult to hide. Though there are make-up tricks to make the hooded eyes look less hooded, many find it daunting when the mascara or eyeliner leaves a print on the brow bone, or the eyeshadow disappears into folds. In extreme cases, hooded eyelids have fallen so much that some find it difficult to see clearly when driving or reading.

So, how to treat hooded eyelids?

Many surgical as well as non-surgical treatments are available to treat hooded eyelids. However, there is an immediate, safe, and effective solution to lift your hooded eyelids with no surgery through the use of eyelid correcting strips.

Eyelid Tape or correcting strips help lift your hooded eyelids by supporting the excess skin up and back into the crease of the eyelid rather than it falling forward.

Lids By Design - Non Surgical Eyelid Tape

eye lift before and after - Lide By Design - Correcting strips

Lids By Design By Contours Rx - eyelid lift without surgery

Contours Rx has created an invisible eyelid correcting strip that supports the eyelid for up to 24 hours, called LIDS BY DESIGN. LIDS BY DESIGN has perfected the instant, non-invasive solution for hooded eyelids. LIDS BY DESIGN are dermatologist-tested and made from the highest-quality organic and medical-grade materials, which means that they are latex-free and hypoallergenic

LIDS BY DESIGN helps transform the shape of your eyelid in seconds so you can enjoy a more youthful appearance. LIDS BY DESIGN also offers a variety of sizes so you can find the best fit for your unique eye shape and hooding concerns

While hooded eyelid surgery costs thousands of dollars and eyelid creams aren’t recommended as a standalone treatment, LIDS BY DESIGN eyelid correcting strips are the best non-surgical solution to lift your hooded eyelids instantly!