Eyelid Tape For Ptosis The Best Non-Surgical Eye Lifting Treatment

Eyelid Tape For Ptosis The Best Non-Surgical Eye Lifting Treatment

Droopy sagging eyelids don’t just make you look tired, they can make you feel tired and older than you really are. Anyone affected by ptosis can tell you they’re tired of looking tired. Hopefully they’ll also tell you that you can fix ptosis.

There are multiple solutions to ptosis. But eyelid tape is hands down the best way to fix it without surgery.

But how does it work, and which eyelid tape brand is the best? This post will answer both of those questions, and show you why eyelid tape is the best non surgical treatment for ptosis.

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How Eyelid Tape Helps: Solutions For The Cause of Ptosis

Ptosis causes your eyelids to droop and hang over your eye. But what causes that to happen in the first place? Before seeing how eyelid tape fixes ptosis it’s important to understand what causes your eyelids to droop.

The Causes of Ptosis

Ptosis can be caused by a few different things both natural and unnatural. The unnatural causes involve some kind of accident that damages the muscles, skin, or nerves around the eyelid.

Children can also naturally be affected by ptosis, even at the time of their birth. But the most common natural cause of ptosis is aging.

Over time the muscle that lifts the eyelid – called the levator muscle – can weaken. This causes the eyelid to droop over the eye, and in some cases even obscure vision. Sagging skin due to age may also contribute to the drooping effect of ptosis.

How Eyelid Tape Beautifully Lifts Drooping Eyelids

Eyelid tape compensates for weakened levator muscles. By using adhesive material it lifts the eyelid and any sagging skin around it.

Eyelid tape comes in small convenient strips. By placing the strip at the area where your eyelid folds over you can lift your eyelids. This gives your eyes a more youthful and open appearance.

The change they make to your appearance is drastic. Eyelid tape makes a big difference for people affected by ptosis.

Some people, who’ve used Contours Rx eyelid tape to fix their own droopy eyelids, were happy enough with their results to share their story.

“I have super droopy eyelids but I am allergic to latex and adhesives. I decided to give this product a try and I could not be happier!!! No reaction and my eyes look at least 20 years younger! Thanks Contours Rx”

- Crystal Withrow

“I can't believe how well these work. I have no trouble putting them on. My lids have gotten so loose and droopy they are uncomfortable pressing down and block my peripheral vision on top to the point that I have been bumping my head. I thought eyelid surgery was looming in my future, but these are comfortable and my eyes look so natural.”

- Karin Merill

Reading other people’s success stories is helpful. But when it comes to using eyelid tape, you can see the results for yourself.

Contours Rx Eyelid Tape Are Designed to Fix Ptosis

There are a few brands of eyelid tape on the market. It can be difficult to decide which brand will fix your ptosis the best. Britain Todd, the founder of Contours Rx, had a similar problem when she was looking for eyelid tape to fix her own eyelids.

After trying some of the most popular brands of eyelid tape, she found out that they had some big problems. They either didn’t last all day and fell out, or they were made of cheap materials that irritated her skin.

Eyelid tapes have been around for a long time. But they’ve mostly been used by an asian audience to change the appearance of monolids. So a lot of asian eyelid tape brands are not designed to effectively fix ptosis.

Other popular brands of eyelid tape geared towards a more western audience fall short by using cheap and non hypoallergenic materials.

This may not seem like a big deal if you’re not allergic to things like latex. But being that you wear eyelid strips for hours at time, or all day, it’s important that you use good quality materials. Bad quality materials make eyelid strips less comfortable, and can irritate your skin.

With all these problems in mind Britain and her team worked to make their own eyelid tape. One that would fix these issues, and help with ptosis. After investing tons of time and energy into finding the right materials and design, they came out with: LIDS BY DESIGN Eyelid Correcting Strips.

The Benefits of Contours Rx Eyelid Tape LIDS BY DESIGN

It’s never been easier to fix ptosis. Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN Eyelid Correcting Strips are specifically designed to lift drooping eyelids caused by ptosis.

No more drooping eyelids! They give your eyes a vibrant youthful appearance. They’re comfortable too. The materials are a rare combination of hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved. They also blend in with your skin so they’re unnoticeable when you put them on.

LIDS BY DESIGN Eyelid Correcting Strips are:

  • comfortable to wear
  • last all day
  • won’t irritate your skin like other brands,
  • blend into your skin, so they’re unnoticeable

Try Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN Eyelid Tape

No one should have to look more tired than they feel. It’s not your fault if your eyelids are drooping, so don’t put up with ptosis. Eyelid tape is a great solution to instantly fix drooping eyelids – without surgery.

Try Contours Rx  LIDS BY DESIGN Eyelid Correcting Strips to fix your ptosis, and see how many years they can take off for you.