Cool Ways To Feel Refreshed & Goal-Oriented In The New Year

Cool Ways To Feel Refreshed & Goal-Oriented In The New Year

We hear it every year, "New Year, New You!", but is this really doing anything for us? Just because it's January again doesn't mean we have to go back to the drawing board: with our exercise routine, our eating habits, or our beauty regimine. Here are some ways you can feel refreshed and goal-oriented in the New Year without all the pressure of having to change everything. 

1. Reflect on your accomplishments 

Reflect on your accomplishments - Contours Rx®

You can't know where youre going unless you know where you've been! Take some time and reflect on what you acheived in 2018, whether it be large or small. Try to stick to the positive, rather than giving yourself a hard time on the things you didn't get to. 

2. Build on old goals with positive intentions

Build on old goals with positive intentions - Contours Rx®

We all tend to set pretty unrealistic goals at the beginning of the year, so build on what you've been growing in 2018 by making intentions to continue. Want to feel like you have more structured goals other than just setting an intention to do the work? Give yourself some bronze-, silver-, and gold-level goals that you can feel good about striving for. This way, you can set some more realistic standards that are acheivable, and you can feel good about aiming for them regardless if you make "gold" or not. 

3. Try new things 

Try new things in New Year - Contours Rx®

An easy way to spruce up our routines is to add something new to the mix. No need to be extreme and start a whole new diet, crazy workout routine, or expensive beauty routine. Most of the time, if we deviate too much from the norm, it gets harder to maintain and we feel like we failed. Incorporating one new thing into your routine that will help you feel like you are doing something loving for yourself. Things like: 

-Adding fun new foods to your diet that you have wanted to try. Try making a curry or adding an exotic fruit to your breakfast! 

-Getting up and moving every 3 hours. Take a walk during your busy workday or stretch your wrists and ankles after a long bout of typing. 

-Adding easy beauty products to your routine. LIDS BY DESIGN takes about 5 seconds to apply and you'll be feeling refreshed for the rest of the day! 

Relish in all that you were able to do in 2018 and ring in the new year with a refreshed look, a clear understanding of what you want, and a positive attitude. New year, still growing!