Published Friday Jan 19, 2018

Accepting Yourself Shouldn't Stop You From Glamming Up 

Accepting Yourself Shouldn't Stop You From Glamming Up 

We've reached a breaking point in our society. Women [and men] are growing tired of the invisible influencers that be telling us that we are not skinny/young/strong/beautiful/flawless enough. Not enough, period. This breaking point has birthed a counter-culture against anything with the underlying message that we are not acceptable exactly the way we are. From boycotting filters, makeup and heels, to working out for pleasure instead of #bodygoals; the possibilities are endless considering the motive is to embrace who you are on your own terms.

So, what do we do when we still want to slap on those incredibly uncomfortable heels and pile on our favorite makeup? Does that mean we don't accept ourselves 'just the way we are'? Perhaps a good way to begin unpacking this is to think about intention. There's a big difference between feeling pressure to look a certain way and wanting to feel a certain way. Do those high heels make you feel sexy or do you feel like you have to wear them because you are being expected to look sexy? A deeper questioning of intention can reveal a lot about where we are in our own journey to self-acceptance and help us understand why we embrace the beauty routines that we do. 

Wherever you are on your path to embracing who you are, it can also be good practice to look outside of yourself at the world around you. What messages are you receiving from ads, friends, loved ones or even yourself? In what ways do those messages affect how you feel about yourself and what can you do to separate your own intentions from someone elses? Perhaps this is your first step on the path to self-love and acceptance, which is okay too! 

As far as we're concerned--dressed up or down--you are who you are and nothing you do for yourself should change that. Listen to your needs first, how you feel in a particular moment, and have fun with it. Just because you're on trend doesn't necessarily mean you're playing by the rules; and there aren't any rules that say you can't incorporate some self-care into that hour-long makeup routine!