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Look and Feel Uplifted

Look and Feel Uplifted

Sagging skin can prematurely age us. Don’t let age or genetics dictate how you look and feel. It’s time to restore your confidence with our exciting  brand of products.





Medical Grade

Get safe and effective results thanks to our breakthrough beauty technology developed by medical experts.


LIDS BY DESIGN & NECK RESCUE use an organic-based adhesive to ensure safe daily wear with results you can see all day.


Every Contours Rx product is safe for those with sensitive skin or allergies, so you can enjoy your transformation without irritation.




Multiple Sizes

LIDS BY DESIGN sizes range from 3mm - 8mm, so you can control the level of lift you want to see. Our NECK RESCUE product is one size.

Blends with Most Skin Tones

Our revolutionary contouring strips instantly disappear upon contact with your skin, so you don’t need to worry about blending or masking LIDS BY DESIGN with makeup. Due to the placement location of NECK RESCUE, this strip can easily be covered with hair, collars, or scarves.

Daily Use

80% of users use LIDS BY DESIGN every day whereas NECK RESCUE is designed to be worn for special occasions. Beauty experts, professionals, and users agree—our products are easy, safe, and effective!