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NECK RESCUE is a non-surgical correcting strip that was developed to improve the appearance of the neckline. Each strip works Instantly to improve heavy skin disturbing the natural contour of your neck line, taking years off of your appearance for a natural  and more youthful look. 

If the strip is too long for the size or shape of your neck, you can trim the length down to achieve your desired results. 


Loose sagging skin hanging on your neck 

Heavy skin disturbing the natural contour of your neck line 

Loss of elasticity making you look prematurely aged 

Our Skin-Like Technology is wearable technology that feels like skin and becomes invisible on contact. We are proud to provide you with a product that is soft, comfortable, and easy to use. 


Ensure your neck and hands are free of any makeups, oils, or moisturizers before applying. 

1) Remove the release paper from one side of the strip 

2) After pulling up any loose hair off your neck, apply the first side of the strip, starting just behind the ear line. 

3) Remove the second part of the release paper and after gently pulling your excess neck skin towards the back of your neck (until you see the desired results) then stretch the strip past it and secure in    place. 

4) PLEASE NOTE: to get the desired look you may need to practice placement  

5) Gently press and hold the strip for several seconds to ensure a good bond (the better the bond the longer the product will stay on). 

6) To remove, apply a liberal amount of soap or oil to the strip and rub underneath it until the strip can be gently pulled off. 

No More loose skin

Written by Lucy on Aug 11th 2018

I love using this product for special occasions. I do a lot of public speaking and I actually cut these strips in half and use them on each side of my ear. 1 small pinch on each side, very Easy!

Fixed my turkey neck!

Written by NOSPRINGCHICK1960 on Jul 16th 2018

My grandson asked my daughter "why does grandma's neck look like a turkeys neck" I immediately began looking up solutions. I am only 58 years young and lost a lot of weight recently which resulted in a lot of excess skin :( I feel better than ever after losing the weight and much more confident but when he said this I felt like I had taken 10 steps back. Finally the strips arrived in the post and not a moment to soon as I had my high school reunion that weekend. I got to show off my great body and my Neck that Neck Rescue helped me achieve. Thank you for a wonderful product. I am ordering more tonight.

Chicken Neck no more

Written by rita schulte on Feb 14th 2018

I love the idea of this. The product is strong but i'm finding it hard to use. I maybe need a bit more practice. I've gone through a few of them just trying to pinch my skin correctly and have it stick without wrinkling. I have real short hair so its kinda of a drag that you can see it.

Really works!

Written by Lucy from MI on Feb 14th 2018

I only wasted one strip trying to figure out how to use. It's important to secure your hair off your neck before use. I'm 60 yrs old and so self-conscious about my sagging neck. But this totally takes 20 years off my age - hope this product is always available!!!

Very strong! Good value!

Written by Lorel F on Feb 14th 2018

I have been looking for something like this! The adhesive is very strong and holds some loose skin behind my head to help my neck look younger. Stays on longer than 24 hours!

Surgery Saver

Written by Alwayslooking13, NY on Jan 16th 2018

THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS PRODUCT I USE IT EVERYDAY IT DOES EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAY IS GOING TO DO I need this product I have one side of my neck that is sagging due to my illness my very first trial run one side stock the other was a little bit crinkles but it still worked and I was esstatic I combed my hair up and away for the area I put it in a bun the little hairs I got those with a bobby pin and WELLA ,I felt BEAUTIFUL I have A LOT Of my confidence back to remove it i use a warm / hot towel and some cold cream or any inexpensive creme and gently remove I will be purchasing a whole year supply

I have a 20 year old neck again!

Written by Cher B on Jan 16th 2018

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Super easy to use but make sure you only peel 1 side of the backing at a time, if not it can stick to itself. The how to video really helped. Now I have a 20 year old neck again!


Written by Julia T on Oct 26th 2017

Wow, I love this product. I find that once hair has been put up in a ponytail it helps to use a headband to catch any hairs that were not long enough to be caught in the pony tail. I then use a beauty razor (such as the brow shaper) to remove any baby hairs at the nape of the neck before applying the strip to avoid discomfort when removing the strip. I followed the instructions included with the strip and my results where incredible. One tip which has been mentioned before by other users of Neck rescue is when removing the strip use a cream, I followed this advice using baby oil and the strip was very simple to remove and caused no irritation. This product made me feel so much more confident of my appearance. I've tried every product under the sun for sagging and wrinkles in the neck area and this will from now on be my go to. Seconds to apply and I don't have to wait for days or weeks to see results.

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