Discovery Kit

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Discover your favorite daytime, nighttime, and overall looks! Our variety pack is a #1 best seller, where you can play with all of our sizes and find your favorites. Many clients find that they can wear many different sizes depending on the look they are trying to achieve; whether it's for morning coffee, a day at the office, or a night on the town! 

Each strip is medical grade, hypoallergenic and latex free.


  • Excess skin covering the natural fold of the lid
  • Droopy sagging skin hanging over the eyelashes
  • Puffy eyelids making you look tired and aged
  • Asymmetry

Get instant, natural, beautiful results! Our dermatologist-tested strips are made from the highest quality medical grade materials so you can wear them all day without worry. 

What sizes are right for you? Choose from 6 amazing lifts:

  • 3mm (slight)
  • 4mm (subtle)
  • 5mm (casual)
  • 6mm (moderate)
  • 7mm (dramatic)
  • 8mm (maximum)

The Variety Pack comes with the following: 20 × 3mm strips, 20 × 4mm strips, 10 × 5mm strips, 10 × 6mm strips, 10 × 7mm strips, and 10 × 8mm strips, plus a pair of plastic tweezers.

"I was prepared to return this product as I was very skeptical. Not anymore! I have had very hooded eyelids for many years and have considered cosmetic surgery. I ordered the LIDS BY DESIGN as a last resort and wow! They are amazing! After a little practice I have conquered the application process and my self confidence is lifted (as well as my eyelids). Thank you Contours Rx."

– Bubbs56


RX Contours

Written by donna on Sep 17th 2018

This is my third box, I love these strips. I have tried a variety of other brands, and by far, these contours are the best to date. I wanted to order the multi-pack so I could see the actual size of the different strips available. They stay in place and for the most part, are totally invisible. Superior to any brand on the market.

I'm Excited

Written by Grufi on Sep 6th 2018

I am 80 years old and have the left eyelid hang a little more, with the use of Contours I see dazzle on the right eye, I can then take a narrower strip and it looks very good. I have a nice look again. Thanks for this invention, photos look good again from me because I have a clear view. I can only recommend.

Nice cheat

Written by Fashion child on Sep 6th 2018

That's a wonderful idea. Over the years, my eyes got smaller and smaller. Something can be done with this product. In any case, the expression of the eyes improves and the appearance of the eye area is much more open. Thanks for that.

These are so fun!

Written by sassyk, FL on Aug 11th 2018

I didn't know what size to get for my first time, so I got these and I have been able to use most of the sizes. My favorite personally is a 6mm so I'll order those moving forward but the other sizes are fun for more casual or more dramatic looks. Definitely a great size to play with for the price.

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