Before & Afters

Incredible Before & Afters You Have to See to Believe 

Contours Rx products reveal the 'after' results you're looking for, whether it be slight, casual, or more dramatic. See the array of adjustments that can be achieved with one easy application and what a difference they can make.  


Lids by Design
Before & after Lids By Design Correcting Strips - Contours Rx® lbd1 lbd2 lbd3 lbd4 lbd8 lbd7 lbd5 lbd9 lbd6 lbd15 lbd11 before-and-after-man lbd12 lbd14
Neck Rescue
nr1 nr2 nr4 nr5 nr3 nr6
Micro Crystal Patches
mcp1 mcp2
colorset-1 colorset-1 colorset-1 lbd2 colorset-1
Dermal Blades
dermal-blades-1 dermal-blades-2 dermal-blades-3 dermal-blades-4 dermal-blades-5

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