B5 Prep Pads

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Cleanse - Exfoliate - Hydrate - Resurface - Refresh 

The B5 Prep Pads uses Restorative B5 Acid to safely and gently exfoliate the delicate eye area. This product is safe to use every day for overall eye health and daily hygiene. The B5 prep pads work wonders to prepare your eyes for LIDS BY DESIGN correcting strips! Taking away the matter so you can experience the optimal transparency you need! Resurfacing & Refreshing at it's best.

Benefits of using B5 and Coco-Glucoside on the eyelid
•Gently exfoliates and cleans
Removes dirt, oils, and dead skin cells
Restorative Vitamin B5
•Oil-free moisturizing elements
Coconut-derived cleaning agent
•Prepares the skin for LIDS BY DESIGN


•Dead skin cells
•New skin cell turnover
•Overall eye health 
•Chronic eye conditions

"I am a dermatologist and have been giving my clients facials for over 15 years. I have never exfoliated my clients eyelids as the products on the market simply said to stay away from the eyes because of the harsh acids used. Well, not anymore! I have been using the B5 pads for over a month now and WOW! They are amazing! My clients are loving them and I personally use them now everyday. Great for cleaning lashes too! Thank you Contours Rx."

– Anna J.

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