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Contours Rx helps people of all ages rediscover their inner and outer beauty without resorting to surgery.

About Contours Rx

Contours Rx is the #1 provider of non-surgical beauty enhancement technology products like LIDS BY DESIGN®. Our revolutionary line of products are all medical-grade, ensuring safe and effective results instantly.

Featured in numerous national and international publications, Contours Rx can help refresh your appearance and reinvigorate your self-esteem by lifting sagging skin over your eyelids, evening out facial asymmetry, lightening the appearance of hooded or heavy eyelids, and reducing the appearance of excess skin. Whether you use Contours Rx for medical reasons or simply as a confidence booster, you’re able to see instant results that look and feel natural and are safe for everyday use.

Contours Rx is the only line of correcting and enhancing wearable technology that can boost your confidence and erase signs of aging comfortably and immediately in a cost-effective way. Say no to surgery and enhance your beauty the natural way with Contours RX today.


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About founder Britain Todd

“My passion is to help people see themselves in their best light, every day.”
–Britain Todd 

Like so many women, Britain Todd began to notice that as time went on, her skin wasn’t quite as taut as it once was. As a busy single mother in her thirties, she realized that her sagging eyelids seemed to get heavier by the day and she appeared tired no matter how rested she felt or how much makeup she applied. On top of life’s daily stresses, a family history of loose facial skin was also taking its toll on her appearance.

Britain decided to do something about it. But after a surgical consultation, she was told that she had two options: get surgery or live with her loss of facial elasticity.

Dissatisfied with her choices, Britain teamed up with a medical technology company to develop a third option: a cutting-edge, non-surgical beauty enhancement technology product line that women and men of all ages could benefit from to instantly reclaim their confidence. The revolutionary eyelid correcting strip was born.

Since 2014, Britain has helped thousands of people look and feel their best with groundbreaking products like LIDS BY DESIGN. Her desire for high quality products combined with her passion for beauty and entrepreneurial spirit sets Contours Rx apart and allows everyone to see themselves in their best light. By creating safe and effective alternatives for those who don’t want or don’t qualify for surgery, Britain has singlehandedly transformed the beauty industry.