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Simple Ideas to Handle Aging Process for Face & Eyelids

Sometimes we look in the mirror and think, "When did my eyelids get so saggy?" Over time, this is a naturally occurring product of the aging process, but we may be contributing to it with little, everyday habits. These small ways we handle our face, especially our eyelids, can have big impacts on our aging process in the long run!

1. Rubbing Your Face

We all get stressed and it's only natural to wipe or pull on our faces without even thinking about it. Not only can this increase our chances of having acne by passing germs on our hands onto our faces, but pulling on or rubbing our delicate eyelid skin can make it sag much faster! It looks like your mother wasn't exaggerating when she said things like, "Don't pull on your face or it'll stay that way!" Try to be mindful of how much you are touching your face and at the very least, avoid the eye area.

2. Sleeping On Your Face

This is another rather automatic behavior that we might not even notice because we are asleep. Usually, most of us tend to favor one side over the other, which can create problems in our hips, neck, and back. Additionally, sleeping on only one side pulls our eyelids down on one side of the face, creating an asymmetry of the eyelids. Try your best to sleep on your back, but if you must sleep on one side, try using a silk pillow or eye cream before bed to keep the eyelid from getting too wrinkled or weighed down.

3. Not Wearing Sunglasses or Sunscreen

Especially now in the summertime, it is very important to keep the sun out of your eyes. Squinting adds weight to the eyelids and reinforces crow's feet wrinkles. Not wearing sunscreen can also mean that the damaging sun can quickly age your delicate eyelids! Get a good pair of polarized sunglasses that limit your need to squint and use a gentle face sunscreen everyday, rain or shine!

These small changes to these everyday interactions with our eyes can make a big difference to our aging trajectory and wherever you are in the aging process, you can always benefit from using LIDS BY DESIGN to lift those eyelids to their peak beauty!