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Look Beautiful This Wedding Season With Contours Rx

June is the start of wedding season, and with all the photo-ops and run-ins with friends and family you haven't seen in ages, it's important to look and feel your best. Get your summer celebrations started feeling bright and beautiful with these simple solutions from Contours Rx. 

Highlight for the Sunlight

Highlighter is a photography secret to that natural, bright glow. Give yourself a sun-kissed look with the COLORSET All-In-One Pencil. Use along the brow bone and around the eyes to brighten and erase fine lines and wrinkles. COLORSET can also be used as primer for shadow or lip application and on the cheek bones! 

Restore Your Youthful Neck

Your neck can be an instant age-revealer and feel difficult to address, especially on special occasions. NECK RESCUE is another improved Hollywood trick to looking more youthful instantly. NECK RESCUE was designed for special occasions, lasting all day while remaining flexible for comfortable wear. 

Get Your Eyes Camera Ready

Who said the Mother-of-the-Bride can't have big, sultry eyes? Show off the your inner light through your eyes using LIDS BY DESIGN. With LIDS BY DESIGN, you can instantly lift sagging, hooded eyelids and wear your makeup as usual. This makes them especially wonderful for those special photos that will last a lifetime. 

Baby Hairs Be Gone

Sometimes, without warning, waxing can lead to irritation and rash that can last for days. If getting rid of those pesky baby hairs the old-fashioned way gives you pause before your big event, try our Hair Touchup Tool. This versatile tool is easy to use and can help remove excess hair around the eyebrows, cheeks, upper lips, neck and even arms! 

Looking your best naturally and instantly has never been easier thanks to Contours Rx. Use promo code CELEBRATE20 to get 20% off just in time for your next special occasion, from now until 7/1/19!