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Comparison of Top Eyelid Correction Brands with Contours Rx

Our world is so full of option and choice, it can be difficult to know when you are getting the best of something. From haircare and bodycare to makeup, companies that may have similar products are not always created equal. In the last fews years, instant eyelid correction has become more and more popular. From Asian eyelid tapes to more medical-grade eyelid strips, the options run along a spectrum of cost and quality; but are you always getting the most bang for your buck? We decided to try all of the top eyelid correction brands, including our own, to see what stood out the most.

1. Asian Eyelid Tapes 

Asian eyelid tapes have been around for a long time, and were made quite popular in China and Korea to give users with monolids a more Westernized eyelid. Because of their more playful use in the culture, these tapes are made with cheaper materials and glues, which cost very little to the customer. Therefore, these strips are not latex-free, hypoallergenic, or medical-grade.


I applied this strip using my fingers, as instructed, and used the tool to press it into my eyelid. Because I already have a more Western eyelid shape, the results that were achieved were minimal. These strips were more visible on the eyelid because they had little pores on the surface, which ultimately didn't end up blending with my skin tone. This brand lasted 2 hours before they began to fall off.        


MAGICSTRIPES have become a very popular eyelid beauty tape in the US, and is easily available on Amazon and other beauty websites. MAGICSTRIPES does not claim to be hypoallergenic, latex-free, or medical-grade and comes in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. 

I removed the medium strips using my fingers, as per the instructions, and placed it on my eyelid. Once again, I found that the strip was noticeable on the eyelid although it did provide a lift. I also noticed that by using my fingers, I had damaged the corners while removing the strip, which made them more noticeable. MAGICSTRIPES lasted 4 hours before beginning to fall off. 

Something interesting and unexpected we discovered is the incredible similarity between a version of the Asian tape we purchased and the MAGICSTRIPES product. The only difference we could detect was that MAGICSTRIPES provided 32 strips for $26.00 and the Asian-packaged equivalent provided 120 strips for $3.96. 

3. LIDS BY DESIGN, from Contours Rx 

LIDS BY DESIGN stands out as the only eyelid strip on the market to be latex-free, hypoallergenic, and made from medical-grade materials. Their patented strip designs are unique to this company, their strips are made in Germany, and they offer 6 unique sizes: from 3mm-8mm. Each box contains 80 strips.


I placed a 5mm strip on my eyelid using the tweezers provided in the kit. The strip easily blended into the skintone, noticably better than the other brands, and evenly contoured my eyelid. These strips lasted all day on my eyelids until they were removed.     

4. Eye Magic

Eye Magic is the last brand we tested. This brand states they are hypoallergenic and medical-grade, but are not latex-free. This product is different in that there is an emollient gel that you are instructed to place on the strip before using it, because the strip is too sticky to be placed directly on the eye safely. The company does not state how many strips are in each box, but it appears to be about 60. This product is available in 4 sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large.

I used my finger to put the emollient gel on the strip and then placed the strip on my eyelid. The gel created a wet sensation on my eyelid that remained for quite some time. The strip went on fairly smoothly but did not stick for very long on account of the gel, so it began to fall off after 1 hour. I tried the strip without the gel and as the company states, the strong adhesive makes it difficult to remove and does irritate the skin. 

Here is a breakdown comparison of our results:

Hours Lasted 1 hour 2 hours 4 hours All day
Price $29.99 $3.96 $26.00 $40.00
Quantity 60 120 32 80
Hypoallergenic X X
Latex-Free X
Medical-Grade X X
Blends in with the skin X
One-Step Application
Made in China X  X  X Made in Germany