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6 Benefits of Eyelid Prep Pad for Daily Routine | Contours Rx

While everyone knows how important it is to wash your face regularly, many don’t recognize that taking care of your eyes should also be part of the daily routine. One of the most common causes of irritation, inflammation and even ocular diseases like blepharitis and dry eye is poor eyelid hygiene!

Every day our faces–and our eyes–are exposed to dust, dirt, and other allergens. And when we wash our face, we tend to naturally avoid the areas around our eyes to protect them. Unfortunately, this means we end up ignoring the eyelids altogether; which is where Eyelid Prep Pads can be useful. Here are 6 ways you can benefit from using Eyelid  Prep Pads daily:

Eliminate Bacteria

Bacteria is a common reason for eye irritation and ocular disorders. Using Eyelid Prep Pads for eyes is the best habit to reduce harmful bacteria and avoid eye discomfort.

Improved Skin Health

The more hydrated your skin is, the less it's prone to wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Our Eyelid Prep Pads have vitamin B5 solution that provides oil-free hydration and healthier skin cell turnover. 

Cleaner Contact Lenses

Every bit of makeup or dust that is not removed with eyelid care wipes has the potential to get into your contact lens the next morning. This can cause potential eye irritations and breakage of the lens. Eyelid Prep Pads ensure you keep the eye area clear of these potential disrupters. 

Eases Allergies

Those allergic to dust, mites, pet dander, mold, and pollen often experience red, itchy eyes when they are exposed. Using our hypoallergenic Eyelid Prep Pads regularly removes allergens from the sensitive eye area and may help reduce symptoms.

Protects Against Dry Eye Syndrome

Every time you blink, you spread tear film over the surface of the eyes, moisturizing and nourishing them, and protecting them from dust, foreign particles and germs. Practicing good ocular hygiene with the use of lid wipes helps to safeguard against dryness.

Easier LIDS BY DESIGN Application

When you notice that LIDS BY DESIGN is not transparent on the skin or doesn't stick fully to the skin, this is due to the adhesive sticking to particles laying on the skin rather than the eyelid itself. Our Eyelid Prep Pads have a gentle exfoliating texture--capturing dirt, oil, and dead skin in its fabric. This allows for direct adherence of LIDS BY DESIGN to the eyelid and perfect transparency every time. Take away the matter that comes in between LIDS BY DESIGN and the eyelid and you can also re-apply the same strip up to several times without having to place a newer one on for the day!