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Plump - Fill - Hydrate - Nourish - Soften - Reduce

The latest, non-invasive, at home way to treat wrinkles, increase collagen production, improve the elasticity and hydrate the skin. Contours Rx Microcrystal Patches contain over 300 hundreds of needle-like crystals in each patch. Made of Hyaluronic Acid and HexaPeptides to treat wrinkles, increase collagen, improve elasticity and hydrate the skin.

Each patch allows the HA and HexaPeptide 8 formula to focus on the area being treated. This is a unique delivery system using a needle-like cone-shaped crystals that penetrates the top layer of skin to allow the active ingredients to be delivered at the dermis layer; filling wrinkles at the source.

Gentle and painless as they dissolve over 6 hours and treat the area while you sleep.

*No more derma rollers or at home microneedling machines! These can have dull needles that can damage your skin and spread bacteria. 

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