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Each strip is medical grade, hypoallergenic and latex free.


  • Excess skin covering the natural fold of the lid
  • Droopy sagging skin hanging over the eyelashes
  • Puffy eyelids making you look tired and aged
  • Asymmetry

Get instant, natural, beautiful results! Our dermatologist-tested strips are made from the highest quality medical grade materials so you can wear them all day without worry. Don't know your size yet or want to play with different looks? Order our best-selling variety pack!

What size is right for you? Choose your ideal lift:

  • 3mm (slight)
  • 4mm (subtle)
  • 5mm (casual)
  • 6mm (moderate)
  • 7mm (dramatic)
  • 8mm (maximum)

Or get the Variety pack, which includes 1 full sheet of every size

Each LIDS BY DESIGN® box includes 80 correcting strips (over a month’s supply plus a few strips to practice with) and a pair of plastic tweezers. The Variety Pack comes with the following: 20 × 3mm strips, 20 × 4mm strips, 10 × 5mm strips, 10 × 6mm strips, 10 × 7mm strips, and 10 × 8mm strips.


"This product does exactly what it says. I was amazed at how well it worked. You do have to be careful putting them on and make sure your natural lids are clean of greasy creams. I got the 4mm...If your eyelids droop this product certainly is going to help."

– Mom27451, MI (HSN)


Wow, Wow and Wow Again!

Written by Frannie888 on Mar 21st 2018

Received the variety pack an hour ago and have had a lovely time trying out the different sizes. 5mm upwards is easy to place first up, but had to practice a bit with the 3mm and 4mm to get them placed correctly but soon got the hang of it (would have helped if I had ordered the steel tweezers). Even the thin little 3mm strip makes such an enormous difference to the appearance of my eyes. What a confidence booster, I'm so delighted that I've just ordered another variety pack and this time the tweezers. This is one fantastic product.


Written by Lisa on Mar 17th 2018

Guys!!! These are AMAZING!!! I have been using these about a week I LOVE THEM!!! I am 44 years old...I have hooded eyes by heredity so I have been dealing with this for quite a while!! You need to take the time to watch the how to videos, but after only one day of practice I can slap these babies on in under a minute!! If you suffer from hooded eyes YOU MUST TRY THIS!!! I will definitely continue to order!!! I wish I could figure out how to upload a before and after pic. I ordered the 7mm because I have a lot of eyelid.

My new favorite beauty secret

Written by Celeste B on Feb 9th 2018

It is tough to deal with aging and a bit hard to apply these strips to wide your eyes... The seller was very helpful with tips and video. all considering it is a cheaper way than plastic surgery until then get used to practice for good result.

I wish I had these 10 years ago.

Written by Cifi from Winnipeg on Jan 31st 2018

I decided to wait a week before I would write a review. I have been wearing my Lids by Design for 1 week now and I love them. So easy to use and the result is amazing. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to improve the droopy eye area. I am sold and stocking up!

Awesome product

Written by Judy from Edmonton Alberta on Jan 26th 2018

I have had hooded eyelids all my life and now that I am a "mature" woman I also deal with sagging. The first time I used them (I used the smallest in the variety pack) I actually had a bottom part to my top lid. They stay in place all day, you don't know they are there and makeup goes overtop if you use the primer as instructed. Will keep buying and using, no more liner on my upper lid, I look more awake and actually see better. Only negative is getting placement right but it's easy to learn.

Actually work as promised!

Written by Looking Good from Newfoundland on Jan 24th 2018

I rarely rate products, but this item deserves all the praise. If you're wishy-washy on the price - go for it, you won't be disappointed. The results are amazing. It's simple to apply and my eyes look at 10 years younger. Just ordered a second pack so I won't ever run out. The strips disappear on your lid and magic happens.

Great Product

Written by Joey M on Jan 16th 2018

My right eyelid is droopy compared to the left, The first package I bought had the different sizes. I tried them all to see what size worked for me. The 3mm works great. Now my eyelids are the same size.

Can't make it look right

Written by Monika on Dec 12th 2017

I had such an expectation about the product but I tried few times and I had hard time with application.


Written by Mom51, MI on May 4th 2016

This product does exactly what it says. I was amazed at how well it worked. You do have to be careful putting them on and make sure your natural lids are clean of greasy creams. I got the 4mm put would have preferred the 5 (sold out)If your eyelids droop this product certainly is going to help.

Love it

Written by PinkAngel, FL on May 4th 2016

Wow this is great. It really makes a difference Yes I recommend it

Does make a difference

Written by Elle65, NY on May 4th 2016

This product does work. It takes a few tries to apply correctly. I liked the result but I didn't like how it felt to have on my eye lids all day


Written by Grammy51, PA on May 4th 2016

I love it when a products does what it says it does. I had to send my first package back as it was 8mm and I wasn't sure what size I needed. I got the 5mm and can't go a day without them. They instantly lift my eyelids. Only a couple things I don't like and they are that make up really doesn't stick to them even with primer and the cost is so high. So help us girls out and reduce the cost to something more affordable.

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