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Each strip is medical grade, hypoallergenic and latex free.


  • Excess skin covering the natural fold of the lid
  • Droopy sagging skin hanging over the eyelashes
  • Puffy eyelids making you look tired and aged
  • Asymmetry

Get instant, natural, beautiful results! Our dermatologist-tested strips are made from the highest quality medical grade materials so you can wear them all day without worry.

Choose your ideal lift:

  • 3mm (slight)
  • 4mm (subtle)
  • 5mm (casual)
  • 6mm (moderate)
  • 7mm (dramatic)
  • 8mm (maximum)

Each LIDS BY DESIGN® box includes 80 correcting strips (over a month’s supply plus a few strips to practice with) and a pair of plastic tweezers. The Variety Pack comes with the following: 20 × 3mm strips, 20 × 4mm strips, 10 × 5mm strips, 10 × 6mm strips, 10 × 7mm strips, and 10 × 8mm strips.

"I was prepared to return this product as I was very skeptical. Not anymore! I have had very hooded eyelids for many years and have considered cosmetic surgery. I ordered the LIDS BY DESIGN as a last resort and wow! They are amazing! After a little practice I have conquered the application process and my self confidence is lifted (as well as my eyelids). Thank you Contours Rx."

– Bubbs56 (TVSN)


Trial and error

Written by Suea Australia (TVSN) on Sep 19th 2018

At first I thought these were no good and gave a poor review but I have changed my mind. I will say the larger sizes 6mm and up are more visible but that could be depending on your eye size as well. I find the 4mm, 5mm are the best size for me without being too obvious and I have got better at placing them in the correct position. I have even got better with taking them off the strip with the tweezers without damaging the end. Keep perservering with them it does get easier.

A must have

Written by haymo Australia TVSN on Sep 19th 2018

These make a difference to your eyelid and face appearance INSTANTLY. I did watch a few shows and it's important to see how to place the product.. Saying that though I have played around on my first attempt and have great success after about 5 minutes. The packaging includes plastic tweezers which will be handy for travelling and not losing anything.

A great impact... but you have to choose the right size and apply them correctly!

Written by Sandi from Australia (TVSN) on Sep 19th 2018

These are great but there are certain criteria to follow to get these to work well. The trick with these strips is to choose the right size that best fits your eye lid and also gives you the look you want. You also have to experiment with the right placement. It is also vital to not "touch" the sticky side of the strip before the actual skin application - use the tweezers only. If you get all of this right no one will notice you are wearing them and your eyelids will be much less hooded. I first purchased the multi-pack during the last event and experimented with all the sizes. My most ideal sizes are 5mm (the second best size for me) and 6mm (the absolute best size for me). These two sizes both fit my entire eyelids well and I think that helps with them not being noticeable. They basically fit my eyelid from lash line to the crease. This means that there are no significant skin gaps in the eyelid area where the texture is obviously different. The strip does have a more natural matte look to them when applied to skin. On me, it looks like I have applied a perfect lighter eye shadow tone to the base eyelid area. With this look I just apply subtle eyeliner (tightline) to the upper lash line (this easily covers any lower edge of the strip), followed by applying some subtle eye shadow to the upper eye area only. I do not apply eye shadow to the strip area itself as a general rule (i.e. the main eyelid area). Note: The larger sizes 7mm and 8mm also do cover all of the eyelid but I feel these sizes are a bit dramatic for me. The smaller 3mm and 4mm do give me some lift also but it is very subtle. There is some skin gap with these smaller sizes but as the eyes are not as lifted it is not noticeable generally. I do recommend these strips... once you work out what size best works and how to best apply them. They really are wonderful for everyday (if you are keen), but they are especially great for those special occasions where you want to look the best you can be.

Not perfect but worth a try

Written by Karrie57 on Sep 19th 2018

I have one droopy eyelid. This technique corrects that lid to look like the other eye. It is hit and miss on whether I place it correctly but usually near enough is good enough. Probably took a month to get it exactly how I like it. I suggest you try it on different angles and positions before giving up. Because of the way my corrected lid sits (my eyes are small and deep set), the product doesn't look obvious unless I open my eyes unnaturally wide. Otherwise, yes it is not totally invisible, but I don't care because few people get so close that they can see it and my eyes look so much more balanced. I look so much better in my opinion and I don't feel conscious about that lid anymore.


Written by MsRiss Australia (TVSN) on Sep 19th 2018

I purchased this product with some trepidation. I have hereditery hooded lids. I had given up on eye makeup and mascara as it would end up a mess as my lid rested on my lashes. I took up eye lash extensions as a result of not being able to wear mascara but this becomes expensive as re-fill appointments are required on a three week basis. I only received these strips a couple of days ago. I cannot recommend these enough to those with hooded lids. I found them easy to apply and they are undetectable once bonded onto the skin. I was worried they might have a plastic look when on, but not at all. I have uploaded a before and after photo using the 4mm strips. Not the best quality, but you can see a difference. Still perfecting application, but I am very impressed! Cannot wait to wear mascara again!!!

Absolutely amazing

Written by PETA UK on Sep 13th 2018

Wow. I can't believe it. I have my eyes back. It took just three tries to position the tabs in the right place - no more than five minutes in total. And my face is transformed.

Amazing instant results

Written by Classylady UK on Sep 13th 2018

I basically watched video after video on you tube, thinking it CANT be that easy. Well my eye strips came in 3 days and I took them upstairs thinking I'd be totally rubbishy at it and thought they'd be in the bin after half an hour! Well I stretched my lids taught by using free hand, stuck strip over crease line and patted down and WOW! I'm so happy. Can't recommend enough! No surgery thoughts anymore for my saggy eyelids!

Disguising hooded eyelids

Written by H T UK on Sep 13th 2018

These eye strips are brilliant. They are completely undetectable when you wear them.I Am very happy with the purchase.

These really do the job if you have hooded eyelids ...

Written by Jacquie UK on Sep 13th 2018

These really do the job if you have hooded eyelids and they stay on all day and night (have even dozed in them!)

Best buy of all time

Written by Coco from QVC Germany on Sep 6th 2018

easy to handle, feel 10 years younger, finally sexy eyes again, can also apply artificial eyelashes

Great product

Written by Laura1962 on Aug 16th 2018

I ordered Lids by design and it arrived Monday. I took a TSV with multi-size strips. I tried the first two sizes. I found the product very effective, it works great, you can not see anything on the eyelid and solves the problem of the drooping eyelid. Besides, I am allergic to many substances, especially in the eyelid area and I have worn the strips all day without any kind of adverse reaction. I love them, I will take them back to the right size for my eyes. The correct application following the instructions to the letter is essential because the strips are invisible. The application is also quite easy. Thanks Qvc.

For me yes

Written by chiaracasari on Aug 16th 2018

I have to disagree with previous negative reviews. For me, if applied carefully and in the right place, they are not noticed. They raise the eyelid and make me look less "sad".

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