LIDS BY DESIGN Assortment Pack

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Lift and Rejuvenate tired, aged eyes instantly! 

Instantly reshape heavy hooded eyelids in seconds. Our dermatologist-tested cosmetic strips are made from the highest quality of organic & medical grade materials. Each strip is Hypoallergenic and latex free and will transform the shape of your eyelid for a more youthful appearance. Great for everyday or on that special occasion. With up to 24-hour wear you can even sleep in them, so you wake up looking & feeling more rested. You simply place the strips on the eyelid for instant results that last all day.

The Assortment Pack is a great way to explore with several different looks. Discover your favorite daytime lift and your favorite nighttime or weekend look. Eyes are the first thing people notice, so put your best eyes forward with our instant eyelid cosmetic strips. 

We have helped millions of men and women who struggle with:

  • Heavy Hooding / Droopy Lids
  • Tired Aged Eyes
  • Excess skin laying on the lashes
  • Asymmetry
  • Loss of Collagen & Elasticity
  • Headaches due to Frontal Pressure
  • Impaired Vision
  • Loss of Motor Function
  • Ptosis
  • Dermatochalasis
  • Blepharitis
  • Pathophysiology

Get instant, natural, beautiful results without surgery! Unlike other eye tapes; Contours Rx is a Patented design and skin like technology and prides themselves by only using the best quality materials that lab tested in the US and guaranteed to be safe for the eyes.

Simply choose from 4 amazing lifts and discover your favorite daytime, nighttime and weekend looks. Once you determine your favorite everyday lift you can choose all 80 strips in that one size.

The pack includes 80 strips: 20 × 4mm strips (subtle), 20 × 5mm strips (casual), 20 × 6mm strips (moderate), and 20 × 7mm strips (dramatic), plus an applicator tool and carrying case to keep the strips clean and protected. 

For use with makeup, we recommend our Transforming Shadow Base

"I was prepared to return this product as I was very skeptical. Not anymore! I have had very hooded eyelids for many years and have considered cosmetic surgery. I ordered the LIDS BY DESIGN as a last resort and wow! They are amazing! After a little practice I have conquered the application process and my self confidence is lifted (as well as my eyelids). Thank you Contours Rx."

– Bubbs56


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